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A Counsel on How to Remove Your Ink


A Counsel on How to Remove Your Ink

A Counsel on How to Remove Your Ink


So you have a tattoo that you would like to get rid of? What are the next steps?

Tattoo removal is a relatively simple process but it’s important to do your research in order to get the best result.

Whether it be a body tattoo or a cosmetic tattoo, it is important to fully understand the process and review all of your options. Researching the credentials of the practitioner and analysing testimonials from previous clients can help you decide on which clinic is right for you.

The number of treatment sessions for removing a tattoo is dependent on your skin type, depth of pigment, size, and type of tattoo. A consultation with a skilled practitioner will allow them to assess your tattoo and inform you of the best way of removing it, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

It is possible to remove the whole tattoo, partially remove the tattoo or fade it. Tattoo fading will weaken its appearance and allow you to cover it up with another tattoo. Fading the tattoo first provides a higher quality base for a new design. If you are considering covering your existing tattoo with another one, the fading process will require fewer sessions than full tattoo erasure.

Here at Doff & Flux, we want the best result for you. So we always offer a comprehensive analysis and do a patch test before we begin treatment. We are here to answer any of your concerns. The patch test is a very important step in the process of tattoo removal. It will involve treating the skin around the area and testing a very small area of the tattoo with our Fotona QX Max laser.

It is important to note, that sun exposure can affect the treatment. So you must keep out of the sun for at least 4 weeks prior, and throughout the treatment, so please bear this in mind when you are thinking about scheduling an appointment.

At Doff & Flux, our highly skilled, safety accredited, certified laser technicians are here to help you achieve the best result for your tattoo removal. We are here to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

Book an appointment for a free initial consultation with a Doff & Flux experienced laser specialist today or call us for more queries.

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