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Colored Ink Laser Tattoo Removal – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne



Colored Ink Laser Tattoo Removal – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

The Tattoo ink colors used in tattoos matter a lot in laser tattoo removal. This is because different colors vary on how they absorbed light wavelengths. The correct wavelength of light will be able to penetrate the ink and break it to pieces. If the wavelength is not correct, it will not target the ink color and will have zero effect on your tattoo. Choose a clinic that has lasers with all the correct wavelengths. The right wavelengths will help a lot in removal of different colors ink tattoo.

Colored Ink Laser Tattoo Removal – Wavelength

Laser tattoo removal is the best way to go if you want to be ink-free. However, no matter how updated the laser technology is nowadays, there are ink colors which are easier to deal with than others. Generally, black, brown, red and dark blue are the easiest colors to deal with. They can easily be removed. The hardest ones are yellow, orange, pink, green, pale blue and pastel color inks. Ink depth, the age of the tattoo are also factors to consider in laser tattoo removal.

Ink colors which can easily be removed are Grey and Black. Many clinics today have Nd:YAG, Q-switched laser that has a 1064 nm wavelength. This is best when removing grey and black ink colors. The next ink color which can be removed easily is the red ink. 532 nm wavelengths can easily target red ink and it is also effective on orange, yellow and brown ink.

The ink colors that do not react well with laser tattoo removal are purple, green and blue. They only respond to 694 nm or 785nm wavelength which is not that available to most clinics.

Best to call Doff&Flux 9663 0845 to discuss further. Doff has all the wavelengths available to handle all color inks.

Tattoo responsibly

Tattoo responsibly

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