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Cost of Tattoo Removal


Cost of Tattoo Removal - Doff & Flux

Cost of Tattoo Removal

Cost of Tattoo Removal

The cost of tattoo removal varies from one clinic to another. Tattoo removal is available all throughout Australia in all dedicated tattoo studios, tattoo removal clinics or beauty therapists. Generally, laser tattoo removal price will depend on the color, size, and placement of the tattoo. Colored inks may take 3 to 5 sessions and black ink usually takes 6 to 9 sessions.

The tattoo will be assessed for darkness, depth and how much ink was used. Usually a test patch will be done to assess it. Some clinics will do it for free while some will just deduct it off from the price of your first session. The average cost of laser tattoo removal is based on the size which are:

2 cm x 2 cm is $65
6 cm x 4 cm is around $90
9 cm x 9 cm is about $180
15 cm x 10 cm is around $270
A4 is $630
½ A4 is $360

Most clinics and tattoo shops provide affordable prices. Some even give huge discounts for multiple tattoo treatment or multiple persons. It can also be done online, anyone can get a quote just give the exact measurements of the tattoo. They need description of the design so it is best to send them a photo.

Those interested can even get a free consultation and during this time, each and every detail will be explained. A test patch may also be done where a tiny part of the tattoo will be treated so that they can assess what kind of treatment will be done. Consultation and test patch are usually for free.

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