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Does Laser Tattoo Removal really work? Laser tattoo removal Melbourne.


Awesome tattoo Removal melbourne 4 Sessions

Does Laser Tattoo Removal really work? Laser tattoo removal Melbourne.

Does Laser tattoo removal really work? This has to be the most asked question we get on the phone and online. The answer is simply … YES! Check our images page on our website for a regular updated before and after shots of our happy clients.

The reality is Laser tattoo removal is the safest, fastest, most effective method currently available to remove unwanted tattoos on any part of the body.

Tattoo ink – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

The pigment particles in tattoo ink are injected into the dermis of the skin. The particles are foreign and the body tries to remove the ink. The immune system launches an attack with the white blood cells. However the ink particles are to big and chunky. The white blood cells cannot engulf the ink, so the ink remains…..forever!

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Lasers like the Fotona QX Max use nanosecond (billionth of a second energy bursts) pulses of light and sound acoustic energy to shatter these large ink particles. The particles are then engulfed by the White blood cells and are carried away to the lymphatic system. This is then filtered by the liver and passed.

This process is continued layer by layer, deeper and deeper into the skin’s dermis, until the ink has been removed. Generally 6-12 sessions maybe necessary to remove a tattoo. This depends on how much ink was used, how deep it was placed and how well the body clears the ink. Make no mistake … there is no guarantee a tattoo will disappear completely. A very faint ghost image may remain, but we have found these ghosts tend to fade over time on there on.

Other methods of Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Tattoo removal creams

Tattoo removal creams are ALL a fraud. They tell us that the cream gets deep into the skin dermis, then attaches to the ink particles, then somehow magically comes back out of the skin. The human skin is a water proof impenetrable barrier! The only substance that will get through is an acid or equivalent which will damage “melt” and subsequently ulcerate and scar. Avoid these creams or call us for advice.

Peroxide injections Tattoo removal

Similarly, peroxide is injected into the tattoo area to create a sore and ulcer …. very painful! Then the sore scabs over and falls off taking the ink with it. Scars, Sore, possible infections!

Surgical excision – Tattoo removal

Years ago this was the only option. Especially problematic with bigger tattoos and scars are inevitable, needing plastic surgery afterwards.

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