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Experienced Tattoo Removal Melbourne


Here at Doff & Flux, we are committed to quality tattoo removal. Our team of qualified, laser certified, experienced tattoo removal practitioners are using the most advanced techniques and equipment. Since 2012, Our clinic in the heart of the Melbourne CBD offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and we strive to make the whole experience safe, efficient, affordable and as relatively painless as possible. Our team is laser safety accredited and has extensive skincare knowledge, so you can be sure you will be provided with experienced tattoo removal treatment.


Doff & Flux for Experienced Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

We understand the importance of using the right equipment to achieve the desired result. At Doff & Flux, we use state of the art, medical grade equipment. We utilise the most effective technology to ensure our clients have the minimum pain and discomfort. Our experienced tattoo removal specialists will provide you with a clear treatment plan and an estimate of the costs involved at your initial consultation.

Consultation with an Experienced Tattoo Removal Specialist

An initial consultation is required at Doff & Flux to assess your skin and your unwanted tattoo, so we can cater our care just for you. A detailed questionnaire and skin test patch can assure we create the right treatment plan for your skin. Contact Doff & Flux to make an appointment with one of our experienced tattoo removal specialists.


Paul is the senior laser practitioner at our clinic. Paul has been using laser technology since the availability of laser eye correction in the 1990’s. Doff&Flux was born after Paul was asked to perform multiple laser tattoo removal demonstrations.



A senior educator at Chisholm Institute, Emily has experience in the beauty industry that spans over 15 years. She is qualified and highly experienced in laser tattoo removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, skincare, customised facials, pigmentation, acne treatments, waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting and shaping, manicures, pedicures and microneedling.


Dr. Edmond

Dr. Edmond equips Doff & Flux with the most advanced and progressive anti-ageing techniques that are available. His philosophy is to complete a comprehensive total face analysis to customise an individual treatment plan in accordance with all aesthetic options available.  Dr. Edmond is available to discuss a multitude of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments to aid acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, browlifts, diminished facial contouring, fuller lips and more.


Helen is constantly researching, testing and discovering new products and services in her pursuit of the perfect skin. Her passionate approach considers lifestyle, diet, fitness and a multitude of other contributing factors that may affect the health and appearance of your skin. Helen is committed to sharing the best skincare practice at Doff & Flux.

If you are looking for experienced tattoo removal in Melbourne contact Doff & Flux. If you have any questions or wish to book a consultation you can call, email or drop into our Melbourne clinic today.

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