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Eyeliner Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne – Process and Success


Eyeliner Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Eyeliner Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne – Process and Success

Eyeliner Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne – Process and Success

Eyeliner Laser tattoo removal process in Melbourne, is a very specific, delicate procedure. Obviously, laser treatments around the eye requires the utmost safety and an experienced laser practitioner. As an optometrist, I have been involved in laser eye vision correction for the last 23 yrs and began laser tattoo removal 8yrs ago.

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Process – Laser tattoo removal Melbourne

The treatment involves placing a metal eyeshield or contact lens in the eye. This shield is impenetrable to laser and protects the eye. Anaesthetic eye drops are used to anaesthetise the surface of the eye, so the shield is comfortable. An anaesthetic gel for the eyelids is applied 30 mins before treatment. Icepacks are also used. Treatment (laser) time is around 15 secs, but we generally progress one or two spots at a time. Note, we always perform a test spot first at the initial consult to ensure your skin and the ink is suitable for full laser treatment. Then 48hrs later if all is well, we can commence the full eyeliner tattoo removal treatment.

After the treatment, the eyelids are a little swollen … We encourage the use of ice packs to reduce swelling and any discomfort. The following morning, the eyes will have settled and make up can be applied as usual.

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Success – Laser tattoo removal Melbourne

Generally we advise between 4-6 treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Like any tattoo removal, there is no guarantee of “complete” removal, but the eyeliner will certainly be well and truly faded. The Cost for eyeliner tattoo removal is $395 per session.


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