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Fotona QX Max Tattoo removal Laser


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Fotona QX Max Tattoo removal Laser

Fotona QX Max Tattoo removal Laser

Fotona QX Max Tattoo removal Laser is utilized for high-geared aesthetic treatments. It is single-pulse high technology equipment that can remove all types of tattoo colors and other pigmented lesions.

It is made to perform at its best with its modern and patented innovations to turn procedures to more effective, better and safer. This technology is now the most famous choice for tattoo removal.

With Fotona QX Max’s single-pulse, high-tech and efficient energy it can produce great outcomes when it comes to pigmented lesions, pigment disorders and more. The optical shield process is not affected by single pulses which can cause pigment destruction. This is the reason why the effectiveness and efficiency of each session can be maximized. The single-pulse precision feature also lets elimination and targeting of underneath pigments safely.

The Fotona QX Max is for those people who have serious problems with pigmentation and wishes for that youthful glow. This is also great for those who want to get rid of their unwanted tattoo.

During tattoo removal, laser wavelength should be delicately considered when eliminating vascular lesions, pigments, particularly on multi-colored body art. The laser wavelength is the one that determines what color will be mainly targeted by the equipment to completely eliminate it. For effective sessions, the wavelengths should be selected to focus on a various range of pigments.

The QX Max provides four wavelengths for treatment in just a single structure and these are:
1. 585nm – this is for vascular lesions and for light blue tattoo ink
2. 650nm – this is for green ink
3. 532nm – this is also meant for vascular lesions, tan, orange, purple, red inks and also for lighter pigments.
4. 1064nm – this is meant for removing and treating dark pigments.
5. It has wireless footswitch.
6. It has high-tech performance with is effective in wider spot sizes.
7. It has 1.6 J single-pulse technologies for the best performance.
8. It has uniform laser beam feature with Vacuum Cell system.
9. It has wider range treatments.
10. It has OPTOflex arm which has additional accuracy and precision.

This great modification of wavelengths offers the best treatment for vascular lesions, pigments and removing multi-colored body ink.

Doff&Flux Team

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