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Fotona Tattoo Removal Technology


At Doff & Flux, we use the latest and most advanced laser tattoo removal and tattoo fading technology. The equipment we use are developed to deliver the desired results through comfortable and relatively painless treatment sessions.The Fotona QX Max Q-switched nanosecond laser delivers the highest performance, and is recognised as best made laser system in the world. Its light energy is so powerful, so pure, it has the ability to penetrate into the deeper lying pigments and lighten or remove the most complex, multi coloured tattoos and pigmented lesions without damaging the outer layer or surrounding skin.


How it Works
The Fontana QX Max laser removal equipment delivers the highest energy in a single nanosecond pulse of any laser available. This enables a large powerful spot size for deeper penetration resulting in increasing the efficacy and safety of the treatment. In addition, the Fotona uses Optoflex technology, making it the only laser that delivers a homogenous beam profile providing even distribution of light energy across the treated area, minimising epidermal damage.

Our Fotona QX Max laser is capable of removing multiple tattoo inks and colours. The laser directly targets the tattoo pigment with nanosecond bursts of high-intensity light, while sparing the surrounding tissue. When the ink particles of the tattoo absorb the light from the laser, they are broken up into tiny fragments. These fragments are then absorbed through the body’s natural immune (cleansing) mechanism, fading and removing the tattoo. This cleansing process generally takes several weeks and you’ll see the tattoo fade during this time.

Delivering a Safe Treatment
Because the Fontana Laser Tattoo Removal equipment is highly advanced and utilises light powerful energy, it is considered to the be the most gentle to the skin. The use of Optoflex technology generates a homogenous beam profile which reduces the potential of skin epidemal damage. This puts the Fontana Technology at the number one spot when it comes to safe tattoo removal and fading.

Precision Tattoo Removal
Doff&Flux offer permanent tattoo removal in Melbourne, as well as modification and fading of tattoos. Given the precision of our equipment, partial tattoo removal is also available. For example, removing a name inside a tattoo banner, without disturbing the surrounding tattoo.

We encourage clients to consider lightening existing tattoos before applying a professional cover-up as existing tattoos are often visible underneath a cover-up.

“I’m four sessions in & getting amazing results! The Doff team know their stuff and take pride in getting the best results. Highly recommended if you want your regretful decision gone.”
Mr C – Melbourne

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