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How Much Does Laser Removal Cost?


How Much Does Laser Removal Cost?

How Much Does Laser Removal Cost?

The cost of tattoo removal entirely depends upon the size, depth, type of ink used and position of the tattoo. Usually, black ink tattoos take up to 3-4 sessions for fading and 6-10 sessions for removing completely. Coloured tattoos such as green and turquoise will be removed by a minimum of 3-5 extra sessions. It can be achievable at Doff & Flux without scarring or leaving blotches on the skin. At an initial consultation, we perform a small patch test. This cost will be deducted from your first tattoo removal session.

Cheap and Affordable Price At Doff & Flux

It is possible to say goodbye to the unwanted tattoo and move on with other things in life. It has become affordable and accessible with Doff & Flux. Book your laser tattoo removal consultation for incredible results that will blow your minds. The cost of tattoo removal is dependent upon various factors including depth of ink, size of the tattoo and it’s positioning. The first session is really important as it indicates that how your skin may react to laser treatments. We have to understand your skin type, medication you are using prior to treatment and health condition to provide you the safest and exceptional treatment.

At Doff & Flux, we are proud of using the most advanced technology for the removal of ink colours without injuring the skin. We have a team of qualified practitioners who make sure to deliver painless treatments. The treatment results in clear skin without blemishes and scars. The prices per session listed below:

  • 2cm x 2cm – $65
  • 6cm x 4cm – $90
  • 9cm x 9cm – $170
  • 15cm x 10cm – $270
  • 1/2 A4 – $350
  • A4 – $500
  • A4+ – Custom Price
  • Cosmetic Tattoo removal from $200-$425 per session

For further information, contact us, email or visit our website. You can book an appointment online too.

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