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Is It Painful to Remove Tattoos?


Is It Painful to Remove Tattoos?

Is It Painful to Remove Tattoos

From the many queries we get, one of the most concerned is that if a tattoo removal hurt? We do not say that it does but we cannot completely deny it. Let’s figure out what is the answer to this question and how much pain you should expect.

How Much Tattoo Removal Hurts?

The tattoo removalist professionals say that patients do experience some kind of pain during the procedure. The people who are undergoing tattoo removal process may feel some discomfort and uneasiness. The laser heats the ink particles of the tattoo which breaks into tiny particles. The body will flush the pigment residues naturally in the next few weeks.
Some areas of the body are relatively sensitive than the other parts, for example; hands and feet. So, they naturally hurt more than the other parts in tattoo removing procedure. Also, if the tattoo is near to the bone or located where there is less fat, it will be more sensitive.
It should be kept in mind that the pain tolerance threshold is different for everyone. Some may experience more pain while others may feel less pain. Fortunately, a removalist can ease the patient’s pain during the precision tattoo removing procedure.

At Doff & Flux, we ensure that we have a team of professionals who are experienced in their work. Icing with cold packs and cold air blowers all help to reduce the patient’s discomfort and makes the treatment less painful. Doff&flux also offer strong anaesthetic gels for use and pain management medication can be used by your doctors permission.

If you need to remove the unwanted tattoo, contact Doff & Flux for safe, less-painful and affordable tattoo removal.
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