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Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

Laser Hair Removal in Melbourne

If you’re searching for laser hair removal in Melbourne, at Doff & Flux we offer quick, easy and relatively painless permanent hair reduction. Our experienced team use the latest technology, the cutting edge Ausmed Medrazor 808 Diode Laser to target the follicle and prevent future hair growth.

MedRazor is the safest and most effective laser hair removal method on the market and uses diode laser technology that is regarded as the golden standard in painless, permanent hair reduction treatment.

  • TGA registered medical grade equipment
  • Clinically documented and proven results
  • Sliding technology makes the process quick, painless and safe
  • We can easily treat all skin types and various hair colours (including blonde and grey)
  • Features a new COLD TIP treatment head for comfortable laser hair removal sessions

The amount of treatments can vary from person to person but usually 6-8 treatments will give you a reduction of up to 80-90% and then maintenance treatments 2~3 times a year. If there is a hormonal imbalance you may be required for more maintenance treatments.

Laser has been around for a long time now and this new technology is making treatments safer than ever. The MedRazor Diode device is preprogrammed for specific skin types and different parts of the body, so the risk of any side effects is minimal. Call 96630845 Emily for your free assessment and planning.


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