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Laser Skin Rejuvention

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Melbourne

We offer effective advanced Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Acne and Acne Scar Treatments using the world’s leading equipment and techniques. Doff&Flux uses the Fotona QX Max Skin Rejuvenation Laser Technology, a safe skin-rejuvenation that produces effective results without disruption to your daily routine. You can now get your treatment and continue with your daily life within minutes from the treatment.

The technology we utilise, is powerful enough to produce effective results deep in the dermis, yet it is very gentle on the out-layer of your skin and poses no risk of skin damage or scarring. (Even if you experience some redness in the treated areas, that redness disappears and your skin returns to its natural radiant glow within minutes). If you are looking for an effective skin laser treatment, skin rejuvenation or an acne treatment that produces results, then the Doff&Flux Skin Rejuvenation Laser Treatment is for you.
Full face treatments start from $150 Per Session.


The Fotona QX Max Advanced Laser Treatment has proven to be effective in reducing wrinkles, refining skin texture and tone, and reducing pore size and redness. The Laser works by producing micro-heat spots deep in the dermis of the skin, which then naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production, reducing fine lines, redness and acne scarring. It is also the ideal treatment for unwanted skin pigmentation and sun damage.

  • Effective results driven treatment.
  • No recovery time.. Return to your normal daily routine.
  • Minimal discomfort if any … warm tingling sensation.
  • Instant results that you can see.. your skin will feel fresh, taut and smooth.
  • Protects the skin and provides longevity by rebuilding collagen growth.
  • Doff&Flux uses only gentle Aspect cleansers and moisturizers before and after.


Our professional Skin Care specialists will provide you with a complete analysis of your skin and the areas requiring treatment. We explain the process thoroughly and ensure that you understand the treatment. Then while lying comfortably on the treatment bed, the targeted skin areas are treated with laser a number of times to ensure effective results. Please advise if you have cosmetic make up tattoo … eyebrows or lips … as laser treatment may change the tattoo colour. Eyes and lips will be covered and protected during treatment. Once the skin laser treatment session is completed, we apply the Aspect skin care products to the treated areas and skin surrounds.

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