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Cosmetic Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne - Doff & Flux



Cosmetic Tattoo Removal requires knowledge and skill as it is often performed on delicate areas of the body including eyebrows and lips. Safety, precision and patience are key to successful cosmetic laser tattoo removal. Quite often people who are dissatisfied with cosmetic tattoos are affected emotionally and psychologically by their dislike of the tattoos. They are often keen to have their cosmetic tattoos removed as quick as possible. We feel rewarded when we help them rid their unwanted permanent tattoo eyebrows, eye liner and lip liner and lip colour tattoos. Cosmetic tattoos are an evolving part of fashion and we understand the frustration some may feel carrying an outdated fashion statement. Therefore, we give priority and attention to ensuring that the affected client restore the image they wish to present. This is achieved with precision and effectiveness using our advanced equipment and superior skills.

Eyebrow Tattoo – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Most cosmetic tattoo removal of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos require three to five treatment sessions. This is because, often, semi-permanent eyebrow ink not as potent ink as body tattoo ink. This requires less treatments than usual to achieve complete removal of the tattoo. The tattoo’s proximity to the eyes and surrounding face skin tissue requires attention to the safety of the procedure and ensuring that only the targeted area undergoes the tattoo removal process. We use advanced technology and techniques to achieve eyebrow removal without causing any damage or negative effect on the surround areas of the face and eyes.

Permanent Eye Liner Tattoo – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

This is one of the most delicate cosmetic tattoo removal procedures. Needless to say the importance of treating the eye area with extreme care and skill to avoid damaging the surrounding area including the eye itself. In addition, this form of treatment is more unnerving to clients and we entirely understand that. We discuss the entire treatment plan and details with our clients before we commence the treatment and ensure that they at ease and comfort when they undergo the eye liner tattoo removal procedure. Each of our cosmetic tattoo removal clients expressed their pleasant surprise with, not only the results, but the minimum pain and discomfort they experienced as they underwent the treatment.

Other Cosmetic Tattoo – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Some of the areas we have treated to remove tattoos include the eye shadow and the inside of the mouth or tongue. These are delicate sensitive areas and we are skilled and experienced at performing this type of Tattoo Removal procedure.


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