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Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal – Melbourne Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoo fade to cover up

Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal – Melbourne Laser Tattoo Removal

Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal are generally more difficult to remove … in particular Greens and Blues can take an extra 5-10 sessions to remove. With Tattoo removal sessions spaced 6-12 weeks apart, his means the the total removal process can take more than 2 years.

Doff&Flux can Laser Tattoo Remove all Tattoo Colours

The Fotona Qx Max Laser … the best made laser system in the world, is the most powerful laser tattoo removal Laser available. Fotona’s QX MAX system is the most advanced Q-switched laser on the market today. This enables Doff&Flux to handle all colour tattoo inks. The Fotona has four different Laser light wavelengths available…

1064nm for all colours especially blacks, greys, darker colours

532nm for red, orange, brown, purple, pink, tan

585nm for blues, torquoise

650nm for greens

The laser wavelength is what determines which tattoo pigment color  will be predominantly targeted by the laser to selectively remove it.

The Fotona Qx Max is also the most powerful Laser available today. This allows deeper penetration into the skin, to get the heavier more intense tattoos to be targeted to help fade and remove.

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