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Pregnancy and Breast Feeding – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne


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Pregnancy and Breast Feeding – Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

How Tattoos Work

When you get a tattoo, tattoo ink particles are deposited into the skin. Even though it is foreign matter and the body does not want it there, the ink remains in the skin for life. The ink particles are too big for the bodies immune system to remove. The Body does chip away and continue to try and get rid of the ink. But the process would take over 300 years. This is why we see old Faded tattoos 40-60 years after application.

How does Melbourne Laser Tattoo removal work?

Immediately after a tattoo is treated with the Fotona Qx Max laser, the tattoo turns white or “frosts” over. This means the tattoo ink has absorbed the laser energy and shattered the ink into finer particles. In doing so, the ink releases a little gas and moisture which raises the skin up and gives the skin the frosted appearance. This is also the reason for the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal, This gas and moisture released creates a micro split in the skin …. ouch! We use icepaks, high strength numbing gel and spray and the Koolio cold air blower all to minimize the discomfort. After 10-20mins, the gas and moisture is reabsorbed and the skin settles back down. The tattoo looks exactly as it did prior to treatment.

Immune system

The shattered ink particles are now tiny enough for the white blood cells to gobble them up and take them away. The immune system immediately kicks in and begins to take away the finer bits of ink. The White blood cells take the finer bits of ink to the lymphatic system to the lymph nodes nad onto the liver and then the ink is passed … pooed out. And this is where Pregnancy and Laser tattoo removal clash.

Pregnancy and Laser Tattoo Removal

With Laser tattoo removal, we have the finer bits of ink Flushing through the blood and body. The ink particles, potentially have the opportunity to cross the placenta barrier and flush through the fetus as well, harming the baby. Mind you, getting a tattoo whilst pregnant is Accepted across the planet, even though the body is incrementally chewing the ink away. The same is said for Laser tattoo removal and breastfeeding … the potential for the finer ink particles to enter Mother’s milk and harm the baby.

The truth is no one really knows the answer to these questions or even if that is possible. But better to be safe, so no laser tattoo removal if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Doff&Flux team

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