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Sun Exposure and Tattoo Removal


Sun Exposure and Tattoo Removal

Sun Exposure and Tattoo Removal: Not a Perfect Match

What does laser tattoo removal in Melbourne and a sun-soaked holiday in Fiji have in common? Well, the tan you get in Fiji – or wherever you like to soak up the sun – can reduce the effectiveness of your tattoo removal in Melbourne. We know that during this COVID-19 pandemic, Pacific Island holidays are a distant dream. But when you can travel again, we’d prefer it if you didn’t come to us after your holiday sporting a tan.

Prolonged sun exposure produces melanin in the body. Melanin soaks up the sun’s radiation and when it does, our skin turns brown. You might think a tan looks great, but from a professional point of view, we don’t think it’s all that desirable. Ask any tattoo removalist, and they’ll tell you that skin tone needs to be as natural as possible. This will help to effectively remove your tattoos in the least amount of treatments. The more tanned you are, the more treatments it may take, and the more it will cost you.

Even though we use the latest laser removal technology, an increased level of melanin in the skin still makes it difficult to break up the pigment. Tanned skin hampers the redistribution of ink through the blood stream, and slows down the removal process. And if the thought of having tattoo ink in your bloodstream gives you the chills, relax. Ink doesn’t stay in your system for long, and is eventually eliminated through body waste.

So, if you’ve been in the sun and are boasting a tan as a result, wait at least six weeks before starting tattoo removal treatment. By coming to us with a natural skin tone, the results will be much better. Less sessions will be needed, and less money will be spent. If you can’t wait to start your tattoo removal treatment, our advice is simple. Stay out of the sun.

Even after your treatment, we advise you wait for at least four weeks before going back in the sun. Getting a tan immediately afterwards gets a great big NO from us, and it all comes back to melanin.

During the laser process, your body responds by producing melanin; excessive sun exposure after your treatment, even if you don’t visibly tan, will produce even more melanin which can lead to hyperpigmentation: this turns the area dark, a bit like a birthmark. Even though it will eventually fade after 9 to 12 months, it can look strange. It certainly isn’t the look you envisaged when you decided to get your tattoo removed.

You’ve been through a fairly involved tattoo removal process, so why blow it by getting too much sun, too soon? Hyperpigmentation, burning and scarring are just not worth it. If you do have to go out into the sunshine, keep the area loosely covered; restrictive clothing can do more harm than good, so the baggier the better. And try to limit sun exposure to 10 minutes at a time.

Tattoo responsibly…

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