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Sun Exposure | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne



Sun Exposure | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Sun Exposure | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Sun exposure laser tattoo removal Melbourne – Are you considering tattoo removal, IPL or any kind of light therapy session treatments? Well, we want to talk about what you should know before you do this. Firstly, do not be exposed to the sun four weeks before and after the treatment. The light we use in the laser or IPL is attracted to pigment. That includes the tattoo ink, hair follicles, skin pigments like freckles, birthmarks and the like and melanin, which is produced in the skin when you tan.

Hyperpigmentation | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Even if you do not tan after sun exposure, the sun will still cause melanocytes, the cells that produce pigment to form melanin, to activate. So, when you go to have the laser treatment, the cells go into a hyper active state that produces excessive pigment. This turns the area dark, like a birthmark. It will fade after 9-12 months but it can look very odd and that is something we would wish to avoid.

Laser burn | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Laser tattoo removal on tanned skin will absorb much of the laser or IPL light energy that could cause overheating and burns. When this happens, the possibility that you will see scarring gets very real. This is also true of sunbed tans. It produces the same hyper activity that tanning in the sun will have.

Sunbed Tan | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Like we mentioned above, anything that excites the pigmentation will not have results that you will want to get. That is because of the excitation that happens is similar to that of the sun. Therefore, hyperpigmentation happens here too.

Fake Tan | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Literally, anything that attracts the light because it is darker is bad for you. Fake tans make your skin darker and the result is the same. The pigment in the fake tans has the same consequences that produce hyperpigmentation.

Sunscreen | Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Well, all this must look somewhat bleak but it does not have to be. You can still enjoy the sun, under one condition; apply your sunscreen on the tattoo. It has to be 30+ and should be reapplied every 90 minutes to make sure that everything is covered up well. Alternatively, you could just not expose it to the sun by wearing something over it.

Tan Responsibly.

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