Tattoo Fading

Tattoo Fading Treatment Melbourne

Laser Tattoo Fading is a laser tattoo removal process that aims at fading or weakening the appearance of an existing tattoo. The treatment applied is the same treatment as in complete tattoo removal with lesser number of treatment sessions.The factors involved in the duration of the overall tattoo fading process and sessions duration include the size of the tattoo, the area of the tattoo, condition of the skin as well as the colours, potency and depth of the tattoo. Different types and colours of ink may require varying treatment duration. Tattoo fading is becoming increasingly popular as people become more interested in tattoo cover-up where the existing tattoo be covered with a newer one.


Precision Laser Tattoo Fading

Precision tattoo fading is a process where only a targeted portion of the tattoo is faded. This is often the case where clients seek to have only a portion of their tattoos covered up or added to. Our equipment and skills enable us to perform partial tattoo fading with precision. This prepares a tattoo canvas area to be re-tattood and the over-all tattoo work improved. This process can be complex as we take extreme care in preserving the quality and appearance of the other tattoo parts the client wants to keep, therefore, it is advanced laser tattoo fading technology applied with high skill and artistic approach.

Tattoo Fading & Removal

Tattoo Fading uses the same equipment and techniques applies for complete tattoo removal, therefore, fading can be applied until the tattoo is completely removed. There is no time limits and thresholds involved in continuing with tattoo fading which means that a client may schedule their tattoo fading over a long or short period where, regradless of time passed, the fading process simply continues.

Why Tattoo Fading

Tattoo Fading is the recommended process before Tattoo Cover-up. Tattoo Fading will prepare the existing tattooed area for the addition of the cover-up tattoo by weakening the original tattoo which ultimately means more effective cover tattoo. Clients may also opt for tattoo fading to prepare a tattoo to be changed or added to where they chose to change only parts of their tattoo. In all cases, Doff & Flux staff are happy to discuss the level of tattoo fading required for your cover-up tattoo work with your tattoo artist to ensure that your tattoo fading serves the process of making re-tattooing easier and more effective.

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