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Tattoo removal and the age of the tattoo


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Tattoo removal and the age of the tattoo

Tattoo removal and the age of the tattoo

When it comes to tattoo removal and the age of tattoo, older tattoos are easier to remove compared to new tattoos. A newly-inked black tattoo can take around 15 sessions before it can be eliminated. Older black tattoo just needs 4 to 6 sessions to get rid of. There are laser tattoo removal patients who have 20 year old tattoos. Most clinics like to have these kinds of clients because they eliminate their tattoos quickly and the clients are very satisfied with the quick results.

The reasons why older tattoos can easily be remove

1. Older tattoos are already exposed to the sun and this makes the ink fades. Sunshine works like some kind of a laser, which tears down the ink slowly as times go by. However, sun would take a long time to make the ink completely vanished. If the tattoo is just brand new, staying out in the sun for a long time won’t do anything to even make it fade. Exposure to the sun for the next two years won’t do anything drastic, as well. It might even brought damage not just to the tattoo but to the skin as well.

2. A human body has its way of naturally separating tattoo ink. The body would deal with the tattoo as a foreign material and will try to eliminate it on its own. It will do one or two way to try to eliminate but it will not be that effective. It will need help because the ink should be broken down to smaller bits and that’s the time that it can deal with it easily. Laser tattoo removal is very essential in getting rid of older tattoo because it can help in separating the ink to small pieces, just enough, so that the body can do its natural way of elimination process.

Those with older tattoos can now be happy knowing that you will need shorter sessions and less treatment. Those with brand new tattoos and wants them removed, still need not worry because, there are a lot of clinics out there who can do a great job eliminating them with just some extra treatments.

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