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Tattoo Removal and Why It Takes So Many Sessions



Tattoo Removal and Why It Takes So Many Sessions

Tattoo Removal and Why It Takes So Many Sessions

It is not really easy to predict the specific number of sessions that a tattoo needs for removal. This is because laser tattoo removal would be different from one person to another. Mostly, professional tattoos would need about 6 to 12 sessions to be completely removed. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered like the type of skin, tattoo layering, location, colors used, the type of ink used and so on and so forth.

The type of skin is important because the lighter the skin color the more effective the treatment would be. In addition, it would only take fewer sessions to complete. The laser can penetrate easily through paler skin tones. Darker skin ones contain a lot of melanin, which is the natural pigment of the skin, and this usually react against lasers.

Hypopigmentation is common to people with darker skin tones. This is the process where the skin lightens temporarily. Laser tattoo removal is still effective to people with darker skin, it just needs to be handled with extra care.

The location of the tattoo is also important. During the session, ink pigment absorbs the laser energy so that it can be broken down to tiny particles. The lymphatic system is the one responsible for eliminating these particles. The parts of the body with more lymphatic supply can be treated easily. These are the torso, neck and the head.

There is some ink colors which can be removed easily compared to others. The easiest colors to eliminate are black, dark orange, red and dark blue. Lighter ink colors like yellow, light blue and green needed more sessions. The ink amount is also another factor which will determine the required number of sessions for tattoo removal. Amateur tattoos are those with less ink, therefore they can easily be removed compared to professional tattoos with complex and colorful designs.

In conclusion, the number of sessions required to remove tattoo can never be predicted, but this information would serve as a guide.

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