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Tattoo Removal Creams Why They Don’t Work!



Tattoo Removal Creams Why They Don’t Work!

Tattoo Removal Creams Why They Don’t Work!

Based on the research done by Harris Interactive, it was found out that about 20% Australians have one or more tattoos on their body. Around 15% of these people have told that somehow they have some regrets about it, and they consider have it removed.

Though it is would be very easy to remove tattoo using some topical creams, they are not that effective compared to laser tattoo removal. It can actually do more damage than good. Here are the reasons why they don’t’ work!

Once applied to tattoo cream reacts to the outer layer of the skin, it would make minor fading results, the same fading that happens during sun exposure. The fact is tattoo ink resides deeply in the inner part of the skin which would make it difficult for any type of cream to reach it. It would even make the tattoo faded or distorted which can make it look even worse.

The topmost layer of the skin is made of different sub-layers which has high-lipid or oil content. This makes it resistant to water or any water-soluble materials. This is the reason why materials or drugs that water soluble have a hard time penetrating this layer of the skin. Aside from that the innermost layer has collagen and elastin which makes it elastic and springy. Together, the outer and the inner parts of the skin work together so that no foreign molecules could enter it.

Tattoo removal creams even have harmful ingredients such as acid and bleach. When applied, they can even cause burns, scarring and skin pigments. Many people who tried them reported negative results even when they carefully followed the directions on how to use them. Tattoo removal creams have ingredients that eat away the outer layer of the skin. In the US, there were even cases where FDA gave out warnings to those companies that manufacture such creams with harmful acids.

The best choice for unwanted tattoo is really laser tattoo removal. Tattoo removals have improved and one of the best innovations is the Fotona Qx Max laser we use at Doff. This machine makes use of dual wavelengths which is 10 times better than the old laser tattoo removal.

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