Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne

Laser Tattoo Removal in Melbourne


Through the laser tattoo removal process in Melbourne, you can erase the tattoos easily and safely. 

People get tattoos for several reasons. Some get tattoos for expressing their thoughts, some for attention, tattoos are also means of depicting artistic freedom, rebellion, or a visual form of personal emotions. Moreover, they also are depictions of spiritual symbolisms and cultural beliefs. Although tattoos are a huge trend these days, what happens if the tattoo no longer aligns with your identity anymore or if you are simply bored of looking at the same tattoo? Well, your answer to this thought would be laser tattoo removal. Through this procedure, you can get rid of unwanted tattoos effectively and safely.

How does the laser tattoo removal process work?

At Doff and Flux, we are equipped with medical-grade lasers that can safely remove an unwanted tattoo with short pulses of augmented laser light.

The pulses of light energy are attracted to the pigments of the tattoo ink. The ink particles will absorb the light energy and break down into smaller fragments. These are then eliminated through the natural immune system or waste pathways of the body.

This process is safe and also effective as compared to old methods like excision, in which people were left with scars, a lot of pain and discomfort.

What are the advantages of laser tattoo removal?

There several benefits of using laser tattoo removal. Some of them are given below.

  • No scars – The laser light does not damage your healthy skin cells. So, there are no chances of scars and rashes on your skin.
  • Effective results- Laser removal can give effective and long lasting results as compared to other methods of tattoo removal.
  • Minimal time for recovery- After laser removal treatment, you will need to protect your skin from sun exposure and ultraviolet radiation for some days. Also you may experience some amount of redness, but these side effects go away quickly.
  • Guaranteed Safety- Laser tattoo removal is a safe method of removing tattoos. There is a minimal risk of infection and side effects throughout the process.

Why should you opt for the laser tattoo removal process at Doff and Flux?

Doff and Flux is one of the reputed clinics for laser tattoo removal treatment in Melbourne. Since 2012 Doff &Flux has helped many clients to erase their unwanted tattoos in a safe and effective way. We utilize the best quality medical grade lasers and all our therapists are expertly trained, with many years of experience in this field. Also, we take utmost care of maintaining high levels of safety and hygiene.

Even though our laser tattoo removal services are highly effective, there are certain light and pigmented hues like yellow or other light colours which can be difficult to remove entirely.

However, at Doff and Flux, you will get a holistic assessment for your eligibility for the tattoo removal procedure. We will also inform you at the onset of the treatment about the total number of sessions required, and tattoo removal cost to get the desired outcome.

With this process, you will no longer need to hide your unwanted tattoos or cover it up when you are out for interviews or special events. If you looking for laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, then connect with us to book your appointment. Initial consultations are free.

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