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Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Laser Tattoo Removal Melbourne


Tattoos are a huge trend but sometimes things don’t go to plan. What happens when you get bored of the design or it no longer aligns with your identity? The answer is laser tattoo removal. A simple procedure with minimal recovery time, that will allow you to get rid of part or all of your tattoo safely and effectively.

At Doff & Flux we have been leaders in laser tattoo removal in Melbourne since 2012 and our highly trained technicians have over a decade of experience removing unwanted tattoos and cosmetic tattoos. At our clinic we have completed thousands of successful procedures. It is a relatively painless process that means you will no longer have to hide your unwanted tattoo for your next job interview or special event.

How does the laser tattoo removal process work?

At Doff and Flux, we use the best medical-grade lasers to safely remove tattoos. The high-quality Fotona’s QX MAX and SINON II Q-switched Ruby laser (QSRL) use the latest technology and short pulses of augmented laser light to safely remove your unwanted tattoo.

Our lasers apply pulses of light energy to attract the pigment of the tattoo ink. The ink particles absorb the light energy and break down into smaller fragments. These particles are then naturally eliminated through your immune system and the body’s waste removal pathways. Thanks to the latest technology the procedure is pretty simple, painless and much safer than outdated surgical methods known to cause a lot of pain, discomfort and scarring.

Most tattoos can be completely erased to the point of being invisible on your skin, however certain light and pigmented hues, such as yellow, can be more challenging. Your expected results will be discussed with you in detail, upfront in your free initial consultation.

What are the advantages of laser tattoo removal?

There are a number of benefits to using laser tattoo removal, they include:

No Scars

The laser light does not damage your healthy skin cells. So, you won’t experience any scars or rashes on your skin.

Proven Results

Laser removal offers effective, long-lasting results compared to other methods of tattoo removal.

Minimal Recovery Time

Aside from a small amount of redness and the need to protect your skin from sun exposure and ultraviolet radiation in the days following your procedure, these side effects quickly disappear.

Safety Guaranteed

Laser tattoo removal is the safest method of tattoo removal. There is a minimal risk of infection and unwanted side effects.

Why choose Doff & Flux?

Doff & Flux has been rated by customers as the best tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne, with a 4.9 Star Google rating. Since opening our doors in 2012, our industry leading technicians have helped hundreda of clients erase their unwanted tattoos safely and effectively. Our highly-trained, expert therapists offer many years of experience in their field and use the latest medical-grade laser technology.

Our tattoo removal Melbourne clinic is a professional and welcoming environment, where we take the utmost care in maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and safety. When you contact our clinic you will be provided with a holistic, upfront assessment of the number of laser sessions required and anticipated cost to achieve your desired outcome. See some of our clients amazing before and after results via our Instagram.

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