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Why Tattoo Removal Hurts



Why Tattoo Removal Hurts

Why Tattoo Removal Hurts

Getting a tattoo and removing one can be both uncomfortable. It is best to be prepared when having a laser tattoo removal procedure. The first thing to do is to get to know what causes its pain. Removing tattoo hurts because of the laser that is used to break ink particles. The laser emits light and penetrates the skin so that the ink would absorb the heat causing it to burst.

This laser just produces enough light to have short bursts, so that the surrounding tissue on the ink would have chance to cool down. Therefore, the skin tissue will not be damaged. There is nothing to worry because the pain will not last and is only temporary. Tattoo removal only hurts during the procedure. The pain is similar to the feeling when some hot bacon grease touched the skin.

Pain relievers can be used just make sure they are non-aspirin products like Tylenol. This is because Aspirin and some anti-inflammatory agents such as Ibuprofen can cause bruises after the laser procedure. There will also be pre-treatment process like applying anesthetic cream prior to the procedure to lessen the pain.

Laser tattoo removal specialists may also encourage using some numbing cream especially if the tattoo is so large so that the patient can stand the pain until the end of the procedure. Cold compress can also be helpful in reducing the pain. Painkillers are not recommended because they are risky and may cause some complications. Alcohol, sedatives are not advisable since they may heighten the degree of pain during the procedure.

Generally, any part of the body with less meat is painful. Joints and those parts which are close to the bone will hurt during laser tattoo removal. There will also be much pain on the areas near the armpits, sternum, ribs and head. Feet and fingers which have thousands of nerves will be painful too.

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